Wim Hof Method – Day 3

(Just found this under Pages instead of Posts filed under I don’t know how to blog properly)

The part of the practice that has had the most variation has been the showers. For the first few days I’d been assuming that heavy breathing was needed to help negate the cold shock in the shower. Only today did I follow the actual advice to try and relax and embrace the cold. However, I had some differing observations from the past few days. Yesterday, and the day prior, I had two showers. I showered in the morning and clenched and hyperventilated dramatically to try and fight the cold. Then, I showered after jiu jitsu class in the evening. That shower was more of a light breathing and quick washing type shower. But, I noticed that the cold was not as painful. Maybe the post workout shock is a good thing.

Yesterday the morning shower again was fought using deep breathing. I got a bit light headed, but as I ended and opened the curtain, I felt amazing. Last night’s post jiu jitsu shower was not as enjoyable. I’d hurt my shoulder before the class ended, and jumped into the shower after having cooled down. I think the best way to attack the post workout shower is to do so when you’re still hot.

This morning I did the breathing before breakfast. This was much better. I went through the cycle twice but found that I’m unable to hold my breath for much time at all when I’ve exhaled. I will try and time this and work to improve my time going forward, but I don’t want to open my eyes and dick around with my phone while I’m trying to focus. Maybe I’ll just continue to work without observing the measurable time. We will see tomorrow.

The breathing went well, the shower was cold as hell. I slowly rotated around and focused the cold on my damaged shoulder which felt great. The back and tops of my shoulders are as sensitive as anywhere else. I think it is very likely that places that are most sensitive to tattoo pain are the same as cold pain. I wonder if this practice will make my next tattoo more endurable . . . I doubt it.

I was able to relax and stay in the shower for a few minutes. I felt great again after getting out. This time I was very hungry. The cold in the shower still reminds me of some sort of cold work like hunting or fishing in pursuit of food. I’ll keep associating it with that I guess…


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