Wim Hof Method – Day 12

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” -Jack Dixon

If I remove some of the measurable results from today, and focus purely on the fact that X was done, a step was made. The step may not have been a big step. The step may not have been exactly in the right direction. The step may, comparatively, been a terrible step when measured against steps from days past. That’s fine. The goal is to step.

There was plenty of smoke in my lungs from standing around the fire, and there was a gross feeling in my guts from the beers. This morning there were plenty of excuses for why I could not hold my breath for more than 1:30. I went through the cycle four times to try and regain my focus and attention. There are instances in meditation when you can get that feeling of being perfectly there, in the moment, outside of your body sort of floating. It seems like the hardest thing to stay there. Once you are there, you think about it, and poof, you’re back. It’s like when you realize you are in a dream and wake up. You could have stayed in that moment, but no, it was fleeting.

Today seemed like a fight to stay focused in that moment during each step of the breathing practice. I tried not to force it, I tried to force it, focus, focus, focus, posture, counting 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . then daydream, new thoughts pouring in, feeling, flinching and on and on. The practice was not bad. The important thing, or the rationalization is, that a step was made.

The hard work focusing ended up paying off when I hit the cold shower. I found that when I was more present and focused on breathing, the water became more pleasant feeling. The cold shower is a great tool for keeping you focused. You turn away and the water hits your other arm and it snaps you back. You are almost forced to remain on task. And, when you get off the cold reminds you. The remainder, however, comes in the form of one’s own subconscious reaction to the sensation. You aren’t ready for the cold. But to stay ready, all the time, regardless of the excuses is as difficult as staying in that moment when fully present. But it’s possible with more practice and more focus.




Breathing Practice


Cold Shower

Part 1 – Exhale Part 2 – Inhale

Part 3 – Fire



No significant changes.

Light headed. Ears were ringing at the end of breathing and during the hold.

Felt blood pumping during hold


No significant changes.

Fairly unprepared at the beginning. Became comfortable within a few minutes.


Ability to focus – fair/average Ability to focus – fair/average Ability to focus – good Calm, clear



15 full exhales

30 full inhales x 4

Holds 0.51, 1:15, 1:30, 1:00




6-7 min


Not forcing inhale makes it easier to focus. Difficult to find rhythm Seated with posture needs improvement. Mood shifted from negative to positive

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