Wim Hof Method – Day 13

It was patience that I put into the inhales this morning that resulted in the improved times. I learned a long time ago that when you inhale deeply, that last gasp where you fill up your lungs completely is very important. I don’t know this to be true. If it were, that would mean the slope created by looking at the ratio of importance of breath and volume inhaled would be non linear. That might be true . . .

If we think about the lungs, not as balloons, but more like veins and branches. The air that you inhale must meet the haemoglobin (red blood cells) that distribute the O2 around the body. In my way of thinking about it; when I inhale, I am filling up my lungs, but really I am pushing air out into the tips of the roots. If I inhale more fully, the air can reach more places and be processed more effectively. If we do not inhale fully, the uninflated roots are closed off and go unused. I might have to do some research on that . . .

Today I completed the breathing exercises and cold shower as normal. All was well. My breathing times increased from two days ago when I held for just under 2min to today on my second breath which I held for 2:45. My third cycle I held for 2:35. I consciously took my time inhaling to fully inflate my chest and pause for a second to make sure it was all full before exhaling. I tried to follow the cycle 2 sec inhale 2 sec exhale with more force being applied to the inhale.

I noticed that when finished washing, standing still and slowly rotating in the shower makes it harder to stay warm than when washing. Seems like that’s a no brainer. My goal is to get cold in the shower, and also get clean. Yesterday I was not shivering after 6-7 minutes of showering, but today standing still, it did not take long to get the shivers.

I think a good practice will be to stand and get cold/comfortable, wash, then stand and get cold again until shivers start. Good stuff today. Looking forward to some yoga and jiu jitsu tonight.


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