Wim Hof Method – Day 14

I thought these showers were supposed to start feeling warm after two weeks. Maybe tomorrow . . .

Today was a bit out of the ordinary, not in the sense of breakthroughs or setbacks, but the sequence of events. I took time to breathe this morning and completed three rounds. I noticed that I am spending a bit more time and becoming a bit more consistent with both the inhale sequence and the breath of fire practice. Focusing is not as difficult, and I am finding myself comfortable, wanting to sit longer. As mentioned before, these instances come when meditating where you feel light. It is hard to explain. I often times feel like I am floating right in front of my eyes. It’s not uniquely profound. But the feeling is different than just sittin, noting the pressure in the muscles, the breathing, the odd thoughts and sounds that come and go. I think that those little moments are what I’m looking for. They remind me of a good golf shot that makes you want to play again the following week.

I didn’t jump into the cold shower until later this evening following about two and a half hours of jiu jitsu. It was another solid night on the mats, and the cold shower was a refreshing way to cool down. I guess it is getting a bit easier.



Times : 1:35, 2:25, 2.15

Physical: The second round at the hold I felt very light headed, ringing in ears, tingling everywhere. I really felt like I could have held longer here and on the third round. I felt like a physical or mental block causing me to gasp before I need oxygen. I’ll continue to listen to my body and breathe… 

The breath of fire is improving, but I need to study it more and understand the technique before I end up winging it and developing bad habits. One resource I plan to use here: http://wrestlejitsu.io/2014/12/02/breathe-like-rickson/#more-161

Rickson Gracie practicing nauli

Mental: While I do think there is some physical/mental block keeping me from holding longer, I am generally satisfied with the practice. I feel like I have a clear mind while practicing. I am enjoying doing the work and the mental game of trying to figure out how to improve.

Notes: I did an extra hold with full lungs and held for 2:05. I only did the deep breathing for 3-4 breaths before trying this hold. I want to test my theory that full lungs vs empty vs completely empty will make a huge difference. But, my empty/fully empty holds are still too inconsistent.


The shower is cool. It does take some concentration to avoid gasping or flinching upon entering. I knowingly catch myself and re-focus on breathing when it happens. After the first minute or two, I find that it becomes easier to stay focused and avoid the flinch. I usually want to stay in the shower longer than I do. Maybe by winter I will be ready for some ice baths . . .


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