Wim Hof Method – Day 16

Saul Bellow said “…art has something to do with an arrest of attention in the midst of distraction.” I agree with him. This carries over into actual art as well. Even where lines of symmetry exists, the eye is drawn away to the point who breaks the perfect pattern.

Today’s practice was riddled with distraction. Maybe I underestimated my timing, other tasks I had scheduled, and ultimately distracted myself. Either way, distractions exist. And with any natural phenomenon, I welcome the opportunity to learn from them. Because of the distraction, I sat an extra 15 minutes and completed a fourth breathing practice cycle. My times reflected the inconsistency. In the end some adjustments were made, and I was able to reach a two minute breath hold with my lungs completely empty. In the end I’m more than happy with how it went and look forward to dealing with future distractions.

Even the shower was irregular. I misread the length of time on my music, which I had planned on giving me a sign to get out. I turned off the shower before taking a piss. I wondered if the shock of turning back on the cold water after standing there pondering whether to piss down the drain, get out dry off and piss, or turn back on the water would be worse than the initial shock felt upon entering. Turns out it wasn’t bad at all.

After that I felt like I should continue following the pattern of eraticism, so I went outside and shaved my head…




Times : 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 2:00

Physical: I was really cramping and having issues with my feet falling asleep while seated. I tried laying down and going back to sitting. I did some yoga, but could not find the right spot. During the breathing I was great, but in between cycles when not focused the pain and discomfort caused me to have to move around and stretch quite often.

Mental: There were plenty of mental distractions from noises and alarms, issues with the music and the stopwatch. Through these minor hurdles I never really felt frustrated or upset. I was certainly more mentally focused on the last cycle and have remained very calm, confident, and positive since completing the practice today.

Notes: Believe in yourself, take cold showers, and practice deeper breathing.


The shower was good. I must have spent 7-8 minutes under the cold water. As I get used to it I am almost looking for the shock from the cold. It feels like I am chasing the cold water. I might jump in the lake soon.


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