Wim Hof Method – Day 19

Crazier shit has happened. I missed yesterday. Over the past month, I’d been looking for a new job. I have a ‘stage’ at one place but not a full-time role. Fortunately the stage has afforded me some great connections in and around the city, and with an hour’s notice yesterday, I found myself working with some very talented people. After a morning trip to the market, I raced home and threw on some deodorant (no cold shower) and jumped on my bike. I focused on breathing as I peddled the 3.6 miles to, what might be, a new place to work. It turned into a very long night. And I now have a job. It will be a place to learn from a lot of experienced people.

This morning I got up and, before coffee or breakfast, practiced breathing. I felt tired and distracted from having finished so late last night and from having skipped yesterday. But it wasn’t until I embraced the difficulty and just let go of the pressure I was putting on myself to practice that I was able to get into it. I told myself I’d stop at 3 rounds. After my third round, my times had been dropping. I was not feeling comfortable. I sat up in frustration and just slowed down. I started breathing again. I layed back down and took my time. I tried to focus on the feeling rather than trying to fight off my distractions. I was fully focused and was able to control and hold my breath much longer. It was almost like I forced myself to do it right. I don’t know. It was a weird practice but it finished on a good note.

One more thing. From training jiu jitsu I have listened to many of the great teachers. Kron Gracie is a young professional athlete and Gracie jiu jitsu fighter. He has learned a lot about breathing, meditation, and cold training from his father Rickson, who was a multi time world champion Vale Tudo fighter who competed in the Pride Fighting organization in Japan. I watched this video again last night.

The question about breathing comes at 7 minutes.

My times were 1:40, 1:30, 1:15, and then finally a comeback 2:15. All were completed with empty lungs.


3 thoughts on “Wim Hof Method – Day 19

  1. So.. I commented a few days ago and the more I read your blog I notice so many strange things we have in common (most of them in how we write and think). You mentioned your job and being a stage … Are you a cook? In an alternate universe that was my career. I worked in restaurants from high school until I graduated college ( about 10 years) , and I got really serious about it during my last 4 years. It’s an integral part of my life now and a hobby I am incredibly passionate about. I’m sure there are other careers where one might be a “stage” but I figured I’d throw out a guess. Keep going man you’re inspiring to read and it helps keep me motivated in using the WHM.

    • Hi. Thanks. I have always cooked. In college my mother taught me all of her and my grandmother’s recipes (Italian basics) so that I could cook for myself. Now, everything I make is homemade from bread to tallow to rubs, stocks and sauces. I’m working in a kitchen now and learning butchering and charcuterie. I’m very green in both places as I recently left my stable, well paying, desk job. Not sure where it will take me. But, I’m enjoying learning something new. Good guess! Any words of advice?

      • It sounds like you’re already on the right path. I’ve got the Italian background as well. Go figure ! As far as advice goes – just work hard , learn at every opportunity, and remember that no matter how much you learn – there’s always room for more. Oh and culinary school is generally a waste of time. Enjoy the excitement and motivation you have right now , and whenever things are rough remember why you wanted to cook in the first place !

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