Wim Hof Method – Day 20

Day 20 has been a weird one. I took two cold showers at the gym before and after training. I spent a fair amount of time outside in shorts and a t-shirt while the temperature went from 40 to 50 and back. I waited until later in the day to do the breathing exercises and found that to be a mistake.

It is much easier to focus early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Much of what I’ve come to observe during all this sitting and stretching and breathing is how much it affects the digestive system. Many times during breathing I feel the need to burp. All this business with breathing out, sucking in, and engaging the diaphragm really does affect the gut. I guess that is the point, according to Yogi Nora, who I found while trying to understand the Nauli breathing technique.

While I hate her explanation for why there are benefits to this practice, I do understand that strengthening the diaphragm is an integral part of being able to control breathing. That said, breathing exercises, whether they are as intense as Yogi Nori’s or otherwise can disrupt the gut. I found myself ready to vomit on one of my training partners at jiu jitsu the other night. I blame it on my overemphasis of diaphragm flexing during exhalation while rolling. While there is some benefit to the connection of breathing and movement in yoga, I wonder as to the benefits of breathing during such a dynamic sport such as jiu jitsu. Maybe… Boxers exhale on the punch, weightlifting certainly forces you to hold your diaphragm and exhale at the finish. Maybe Kron is right.

At any rate, I started late and was not able to find a very good groove while breathing. I wasn’t getting the light headed feeling, the out of body euphoria or tingling or anything. Too fast? Too slow? I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. So I decided to do an extra round and listen to Wim Hof instruct Joe Rogan.

This certainly helped. I was almost overtaken with the strong feelings tingling in my feet and hands. I had ringing in my ears and electric pulses moving down my shoulders. It was intense. I held my breath for two minutes, but felt like I could have gone longer. Wim seemed like he started Joe at a slow pace and then increases the speed toward the end. Wim is looking at his phone during this time. I assume he is running the inner fire app that I didn’t buy. I really started to think that this student needs a teacher. Maybe just a bit more practice listening to Wim and I’ll get the hang of it. 20 days is not a long time. If I am still this inconsistent at 90, I’ll start interviewing gurus.




Times : 0:30, 0:45, 1:15, 2:05

Physical: The posture and timing were off completely. The full stomach was not the best surface to be pressing against my diaphragm. Overall, it was pretty shitty.

Mental: I stayed calm during the shitty breathing. On the last rep while listening to Wim Hof instruct, I felt great. I had a rush of energy and euphoria. It completely changed my mood.

Notes: Don’t eat before . . .


The showers were pretty great. I got one before stepping on the mats just to cool off and energize myself. Even after a cold bike ride over to the gym in shorts, I felt fine jumping in the cold shower for a few minutes. It really got me breathing powerfully and gave me energy to start class. The class was solid and I got another cold shower after. The post class shower was blase as I just needed to get cleaned up. I did enjoy the cold and talked to some teammates about jumping in the lake once the temperatures start to dip.


One thought on “Wim Hof Method – Day 20

  1. You are doing great. It is interesting to follow along as I’m doing the same thing as you. The Kron video you posted yesterday was really useful. About to watch the Yogi Nora vid.

    Watching the JRE video and following along is something I do too, it’s much easier to get through the breathing when you follow someone else.

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