Wim Hof Method – Day 21

Kind of bummed to say that I failed to practice the breathing part of the exercise today. I woke up a bit late and got a random call which required me to speak on the phone for the half hour or so that it would normally take me to complete the routine. I was happy that I made time to shower in the morning and after jiu jitsu this evening. Both showers were, the same as days 1-20, tap cold. While the showering has gotten quite easy and normal, stepping in is still quite daunting. But then again, I would often stand outside of the hot shower before diving in, all at once. I have found that recently my hands and neck seem to be the most sensitive to the cold showers.

Going forward, I am working on compiling my notes into a google sheet, which is essentially an excel spreadsheet. My past career has taught me plenty of lessons, including the importance of data, and being able to look back through results. Before I get too far into this, I want to be able to record what I’ve got. I will make sure to link this data sheet to the blog page on the left along with my contact info.

I also found this great video that shows a mobility warm-up. I think this will be much better than my random yoga poses.

I had a chiropractor who worked on me for a few years helping with rehabilitation. It was very insightful. We became friends. He taught me a lot about the body, but also about the business of chiropractic. I came to understand that back health is similar to that of teeth health. You take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing daily, so if and when you go to the dentist, he doesn’t need to do much work other than check up and make sure everything is okay. Your back is the same. You should stretch it and take care of it every day, which means sitting up straight, not crossing your legs, not leaning on one hip or against walls. My chiropractor even gave me a quick 10 minute stretching checklist similar to this guy’s mobility video. I never did it.

But I’m going to do this tomorrow, before I breathe…


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