Wim Hof Method – Day 28

Quite a few days missed. I had some more time today, and I will have more tomorrow and Monday to really spend some time practicing. These past few days have not been great in terms of practicing. And, I felt it today.

When you start to build up muscle memory from running or squatting or throwing a baseball, after a while it becomes easy. If you take some time away from an activity, depending on how soon you return, you may feel the pressure or stiffness.

While I have been continuously showering in cold water, I have not been spending as much time mentally preparing or focusing on my breathing. I would say that I’d been less present over the past few days. Today I was able to spend some time sitting and breathing and it felt good. The shower was cold as usual. I think that the cold temperatures outside are making this more difficult actually. I feel my core temperature is colder upon entering than it was a few days ago when the weather was warmer. I felt more pain when my head went under the cold water today. It didn’t take long to start shivering and feeling numbness in my hands, shortness of breath, panic breathing and ultimately closing off the flow of water before stepping back out into my chilly apartment.

So, today was slightly more productive in terms of conscious deep breathing and seated meditation. And I will continue to practice this and becoming better with getting my notes down in writing. In general I am pleased with how this practice has helped me to adjust to some lifestyle changes and has possibly helped keep me calm during the last busy week. More notes to come after tomorrow morning’s practice.

Hopefully by next week I will have a more structured schedule. But I guess it will depend on me.



Times : 2:00, 2:00

Physical: I completed the mobility cycle posted a few posts back. It really helps with relaxing and posture comfort. It’s a great warmup. After breathing I feel energetic and feel like moving and stretching.

Mental: I was still focused during all aspects of the practice. I found myself not focused on the goal, but the practice. That is a good focus in my opinion.

Notes: Practice takes showing up

Shower: Pretty refreshing. Pretty cold. My head was most sensitive. I feel like my shoulders and neck (which were previously most sensitive) have really become used to the cold. I think the tiny muscles around those areas are getting stronger.

I do feel like it is hard to breathe at times when the cold shock hits my head. That is when I remember that you can always exhale strongly using the diaphragm. I exhale powerfully, and the inhale will come without effort. I try and focus on this when I am in bad positions in jiu jitsu as well. It always helps to remember.







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